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Friday, August 17, 2007

Youtube .. Desktop?

Yes, you heard correctly is a new website where you can browse all your favorite youtube video in an Ajax environment for simpler more efficient browsing. It sports a few new features that are currently not found in youtube yet.


You can change through 1 of 3 different themes currently available. I'm sure more should be on the way



(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

There are a few different zoom features. One of them allows you to change the size of the video icons on the current page you're viewing. Allowing you to see up to 33 videos potentially an unlimited amout of videos and descriptions on that page or as little as 3 with very large icons. The other zoom of course is while the video is playing you can move the video around as you can in any Ajax environment but you can all grab the bottom right corner and expand the video to take up the full page if you so desire.

Play list

YTD saves the last 20 videos you plays in a tab at the top which reads (you guessed it) "Last 20 played". Also clicking on a video while you're currently viewing a video will add that video to the play list and will begin playing after that video is complete.

Saving Videos!

Finally and what I believe to be the best feature of the entire site is the feature that allows you to save the videos directly from the web page to your PC in 3GP,MP4,MOV,WMV,AVI,ZIP,FLV, or even EXE. The conversion process is done on the fly and you can even see the progress of the conversion on the bottom bar by highlighting the video

1 comment:

YouTubeDesktop Team said...

Great review! And 10x a lot! We really appreciate the people's interest in this project.

First of all I would like to say is that - yes, we will add more themes and color variations. The three so far aro more like... experimental :)

One of the thing you may have missed is the option to drag the videos around - from results to already opened playlist or from one playlist to another for example!

Another thing, which is obligatory for such site is the option to save videos in playlist, so you can watch them later, email entire playlist to a friend or just ICQ him the URL of the playlist (like )

P.S: The maximum amount of videos you can see on the screen is unlimited - depends only on how much we can fit on the screen